by Kevin OBrien on June 26, 2013

YFS PS-5 USB LINEAR DC POWER SUPPLY                                                                                                         

Our YFS 'Split' Ref USB interconnect needed a partner in crime so we figured why not pair it with a high quality 5 volt linear power supply with a female USB input on the rear? Sounds like a fair enough question to me. Why not? So we did.                                                                                                                                    

You can use this custom audiophile-grade linear power supply to enhance your current 'Y' USB cable experience from another brand. We encourage you to use our YFS Reference 'Split' USB but if you really don't want to, we're not going to force you to...

So what does it do already? This power supply allows you to feed your current USB enabled device (via your 'Y' or 'Split' USB cable) pure, audiophile-grade power to your USB input receiver. This translates to improved sound staging, a blacker background, and more "life-like" images. Better bass as well as clearer highs have also been reported. Your mileage will vary depending on your personal system.

The PS-5 takes the place of your computer's +5V USB power bus. This is never a bad idea. Check out our "list" of compatible DACs and SPDIF converters in our FAQ section of our site. So is it worth it? Ask our current PS-5 customers if you'd like... We can get you in touch with previous customers, just ask!

Our custom USB linear power supply is available in 115V and 230V. Please specify which voltage you need when contacting us. The YFS PS-5 uses a standard IEC connector for power. The YFS PS-5 is a CUSTOM built product, made by hand in Upstate NY, all the way down to the circuit boards, and we do not stock them.

Please allow 6 to 8 weeks for delivery after your order is placed. Add another possible two weeks if ordering from outside the United States for delivery reasons.

Thank you for understanding.

We're excited about the YFS PS-5. We hope you are too... Contact us for pricing and availability.

- YFS Design Team