by Kevin OBrien on May 4th, 2015


A lot of folks are headed down the Mac Mini path. It's a great direction to head in when choosing a dedicated music server. The Mac Mini with its i7 quad-core Intel processor and maxed out RAM / SSD's, gives the end user one heck of a server at a great price. Then comes the mods. Our PS-12m and Internal Power Filter mod come at a cost. The YFS PS-12m does what we want it to but there's one caveat: it's relatively expensive at its asking price of $1,895 MSRP. Add our Mac Mini DIY power filter kit for $375 MSRP and then add a YFS PS-5 USB linear power supply for $695 MSRP to power your DAC's USB input receiver with a YFS 'Split' USB cable ($525 MSRP) and things can get out of hand pretty quickly.

What's our answer?

We drastically cut the expense of our YFS Mac Mini source component package by offering the PS-512 power supply. This unit is specifically designed to power the Mac Mini with 8 continuous Amps of audiophile grade power. The PS-512 can reach 12 Amps of peak power which is well over the stock Apple switcher (7 Amps peak). We did this while simultaneously adding a 5 Volt rail to the same box to power your 'Split' USB or other DC powered component of your choice. The PS-512 packs the PS-5 USB and the PS-12m into a single-box solution with an 'affordable' price tag of $1,095 MSRP. The PS-512 not only makes your music sound better but you'll get faster start-up and shut-down, a quicker responding machine, better video performance, and an overall better Mac Mini experience all the way around.

Can the PS-512 match the performance of the PS-12m and PS-5 USB on their own? No, it can't but unless you have a reference 'mega-buck' system, you probably won't hear the difference between the two solutions. If you do own a high-dollar reference system, by all means, go with the 2-box solution and know you're getting the best money can buy in terms of 'affordability' for a USB-based transport. If money is tight and audio is not your number one priority (or you just plain value your money) the PS-512 plus the YFS Internal Power Filter Mac Mini mod is the answer.

The PS-512 comes standard with a 30" umbilical that utilizes a quick-disconnect metal connector on the PS side and a Switchcraft locking 2.5mmx5.5mm DC barrel jack on the Mac Mini side. Our YFS Internal Power Filter is the perfect mate for our PS-512 and sports the Switchcraft female connector that mates perfectly with the PS-512. 

Please specify your mains voltage when ordering (115V / 230V) and allow 6 to 9 weeks for a UPS tracking number as all YFS products are made to order. We do our best to get all orders out in a timely manner but sometimes we run into busy times of the year. Please be patient and realize we're working as quickly as we can. Thank you for understanding.


Drop us a line and we'll gladly chat about what you'll notice between models, etc. Let us get you in touch with some past YFS customers to help you with your system decisions. We're here to help.

We are taking our first steps into 'affordable' high end audio... This is new territory.  We're open to suggestions as always. Don't hesitate to contact us with any questions.

Thanks for reading.

- YFS Design Team